Up EP Review in Hip Rock Magazine

Louisville, KY brings us this Indie synth group. Really, I’m reminded of groups like The 1975, The Wombats, California Wives and even a touch of bluegrass style. Seriously! I don’t agree that they’re a lot like Owl City or Death Cab for Cutie in song style but I could see them being a group that will have a cult following of similar sort.

“Up” provides four tracks that are really worth listening to if you like these styles. While each song has a heavier emphasis on the electronic sound the vocalist has a very good voice and I am inspired to continue to listen. The lyrics are less like most you hear but still aren’t alien. I do get swept away in the arrangements and this is definitely something I’ll listen to many more times. For this touch of magic that could sway in either direction I found myself enjoying them at near an 8 on the volume knob!

Daniel C. Morrison – Hip Rock Magazine

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