“My Heart is a Drum Machine” Review from The Indie Place

“It is always a treat to come across a band that obviously puts a lot of thought into their music. Such is the case with up and coming band The Colours of Kings. Forming over drinks in a pub, the trio quickly put their ideas into action and began recording their debut EP in a basement studio. Consisting of members J. Bishop (vocals/guitars/keyboards), Chad Steward (bass/keyboards/vocals), and Graham Chamberlain (drums/programming/vocals), they are ready to introduce the world to their music with their first single “My Heart is a Drum Machine”.

“My Heart is a Drum Machine” begins with a simple but prominent drumbeat and synths which continue, unfaltering, throughout the track. Including a little electric guitar in the bridge, this forms the entire instrumentality of the song, bringing to it a natural and magical feeling. The band counts Radiohead and The Postal Service among their influences, and it is evident that those bands had a particular impact on this song’s sound. The track’s lyrics and melody, however, are more reminiscent of Death Cab for Cutie or Owl City. Yet, this electro-rock song still manages to maintain its uniqueness. That uniqueness is found in the lightness of the lyrical content and the vocal subtleties of singer J. Bishop. At its core, “My Heart is a Drum Machine” is about finding one’s other half, the person that makes them a better version of themselves, and celebrating that. The Colours of Kings brings those feelings to life with every note they play, making this song truly infectious.

“My Heart is a Drum Machine” is a strong introduction from The Colours of Kings that showcases their individuality while still providing a nod to the music that has inspired them. This song displays the band’s potential and it will be fascinating to hear what they’ve created for their new EP ‘Up’. The Colours of Kings still have a lot to prove, but, as this song has demonstrated, it’s a challenge they are more than ready for.

‘Up’ will be released on September 24th. You can preorder the album now on bandcamp and receive a free download of “My Heart is a Drum Machine”.”

– Elizabeth Tolbert , September 27, 2013 on The Indie Place

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