Awesome Review of Our “Up EP” from Songs That Should Be Mainstream

“Taking on the persona of ‘music’s new Tom Sawyer’, indie punk band The Colours of Kings are ruling the charts with their debut EP released this September, Up.”

Here’s an awesome review of our new “Up EP” from Songs That Should Be Mainstream!

“Producing an authentic feel throughout each track, Up encapsulates the band’s love for Traveling, roaming, eating, drinking, reading, and reflects it through a genuine approach to their music. Having written the EP in amongst small pubs and alleyways within their hometown, and produced the tracks within in-house basement studios, one cannot help but fall for the rustic appeal that The Colours of Kings exuberates.

Influenced by bands such as The Talking Heads, MGMT, Radiohead, The Postal Service and Mates of State, The Colours of Kings derive their music from a vast array of different musical sub-genres. Within the band’s four-track EP, the band dabbles with their stylistic approach from song-to-song, whilst still maintaining an integral unique approach throughout. This experimentation within debut releases is understandable, if not expected for upcoming bands that are beginning to find their feet within the industry. Genre blending, in this sense, is an opportunistic means for a band such as The Colours of Kings to diversify and expand their musical horizons in the early stages of development. 

Up’s first track, “My Heart is a Drum Machine”, begins with a celestial orchestral piece, that slowly emerges into an upbeat drum track, setting up the band’s indie approach to their music. With each member of the trio a multi-instrumentalist (J. Bishop on guitar/keyboard/vocals, C. Steward on bass/keyboard/vocals and G. Chamberlain on drums/programming/vocals), the instrumentalist work by all three members is impressive to say the least. Despite the high workload, the band makes their songs seem effortless. Wistful vocals and a soft mixture of complementing instrumental pieces lend weight to a serene atmosphere surrounding their music.”

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