With a punk attitude, new-wave synth pop sounds and indie rock lyrics, The Colours of Kings are music’s new Tom Sawyer.

Their new “Up EP,” recorded in basement studios and living rooms, written in pubs and alleys, whose sentiments are felt across the world, proves to be a monumental start for the band. Their new EP is described as “Pet Shop Boys meets Postal Service.”

The Colours of Kings formed, as often bands do, over drinks at a local pub, where discussions became heated and ideals were solidified. Although, this felt more like and uprising, like the beginning of a revolution.

Whatever the cause, the outcome is a band whose first EP has been called, “subtly genius.” The band may often disagree over politics, beer choices or “Absolutely Fabulous,” but there’s one thing that they can agree on and that’s kept them going:

If at first you don’t succeed, make your own rules.